In keeping with Law 34/2002, of June 11, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA informs the user that they are the owner of the website WWW.GRUPOECOINDUSTRIA.COM . In keeping with what is established in Article 10 of the cited Law, ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA informs users of the following:

This website’s owner is ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA, with Tax ID number A61860698 and with their registered office at C/ PARIS, 206 4º 2ª 08008, BARCELONA included in the Commercial Register in Volume 31415, sheet 0142, page B-193748 and entry 10, The company contact email is:

Users and responsibility regime

By browsing, accessing and using ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA’s website, constitutes the person as a user. As a result of browsing ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE

SA’s website, the said user accepts all the conditions of use established herein, notwithstanding the application of the corresponding obligatory regulations applicable in each case.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA’s website provides a broad range of information, services and data. The user accepts their personal responsibility for the correct use of this website. This responsibility includes:

  • The veracity and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms requested by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA in order to access certain contents or services offered on the website.
  • The use of information, services and data offered by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE   SA contrary to what is established in these terms and conditions, the law, morality, good manners and public order, or any other use that might result in the violation of third-party rights or affect the proper operation of the website.

Policy regarding links and exemption of liability

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA is not responsible for the content of any of the websites the user might access through the links included on the website, and in no case will they examine or exercise any type of control over the content of other websites. In addition, they cannot guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of websites pertaining to others that may be accessed via the links.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA has taken all the necessary measures to avoid any sort of harm coming to the users of their website that may result from use of the same. Therefore, ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the possible damage that the user might suffer as the result of their Internet use.


ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA reserves the right to make any amendments to the content of its website it deems appropriate, without prior notice. This includes the content of the website, its Terms and Conditions of Use, or the General Terms and Conditions of Contracting. Such changes may be made via their website in any way permissible by law, and shall be binding during the time in which they remain published on the website and until they are modified by subsequent amendments.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your computer when you access certain websites.

Among other things, cookies allow a website to store and recover information on the browsing habits of a user or their device. Depending on the information contained and the manner in which the user employs their device, they may be used to recognize the user.

Cookies are essential for the proper operation of the Internet, and they provide innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services, making browsing and using our website easier to use.

In addition, ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA informs users that they have the option of configuring their browser so that they are informed of the reception of cookies, allowing them to prevent these cookies from being installed on their hard drive if they wish.

Below, we provide links for different browsers that can be used to complete this configuration:

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Data protection

In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing system owned by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA, with Tax ID number A61860698 and its registered office at C/ PARIS, 206 4º 2ª 08008, BARCELONA in order to facilitate, attend to and meet the commitments established between the two parties. In keeping with applicable regulations,

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA informs users that their information will be kept during the necessary period in order to fulfil the aforementioned conditions.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA also informs you that it will process the data in a lawful, honest, transparent, suitable, relevant, limited, accurate and updated manner. ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA therefore undertakes to take all reasonable measures to ensure that they will be deleted or rectified without delay if they become inaccurate.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA informs you that we continue to process your personal data according to your continued consent.

In accordance with the rights conferred on you by the current legislation on Personal Data Protection, you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition by sending your request to the postal address indicated above or by writing an email to

You may contact the competent Supervisory Authority to submit any claim you deem appropriate.


The SSL CERTIFICATE provides authentication, privacy and security of information between


ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA has an SSL security certificate in order to perform safe connections.

In this process, several parameters are established to ensure safe connections. These are made using pre-established keys, encoding and decoding all information sent until the connection is closed.

Intellectual and industrial property

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA in its own right or as a franchisee is the holder of all intellectual and industrial property rights for its webpage. In addition, all elements contained therein (by way of illustration, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, color combinations, layout and design, selection of materials used, computer programs needed for correct operation, access and use, etc.) are held by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA. As a result, these works are protected as intellectual property by Spanish Law; in this case, both Spanish and European law in this area are applicable, as are international agreements on such matters to which Spain adheres.

All rights reserved. By virtue of what is established in the Law on Intellectual Property, the reproduction, distribution or public communication of all or part of the contents of this webpage (including the means by which they are made available) for commercial ends, in any form or by any technical means are expressly forbidden without the authorization of ECOINDUSTRIA


The user promises to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights held by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA. Users may view the elements on the site or even  print them out, copy them or store them on the hard drive of their computer or in any other physical format, as long as it is solely and exclusively for their own personal and private use. The user must abstain from erasing, altering, evading or manipulating any protective device or security system installed on ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA’s web pages.

Legal action, applicable legislation and jurisdiction

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA reserves the right to begin the civil or criminal proceedings which it deems appropriate due to the misuse of its website and contents thereof, or due to the breach of these terms and conditions.

The relationship between the user and the service provider shall be governed by current legislation which applies in Spanish territory. Should any dispute arise, the parties may submit their disputes to arbitration or proceed through the regular legal channels, in compliance with the applicable rules on jurisdiction and competence. The registered office of ECOINDUSTRIA

MEDIOAMBIENTE SA is in Barcelona, Spain.


In keeping with what is established in applicable regulations on the Protection of Personal Information and Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA hereby informs users that they have created a profile on the social network LinkedIn with the principal aim of advertising their products and services.


Tax Identification number (CIF): A61860698

ADDRESS: C/ PARIS, 206 4º 2ª 08008, BARCELONA



The user has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA, thus showing their interest in the information made public through the Network. By joining our page, you are authorizing our use of any personal information published on your profile.

The user can access the privacy policies of the Social Network at any time, or can configure their profile so as to guarantee their privacy.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA has access to and handles users’ public information, especially their contact name. This information is only used within the Social Network. It is not added to any sort of file.

With regard to the right to access, rectification, cancellation or opposition that you possess and that can be exercised before ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA in keeping with the RGPD, you must take into account the following:

  • Access: This will be defined by the functionality of the Social Network and the capacity for accessing information from user profiles.
  • Rectification: Can only be satisfied in relation to information under the control of ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA. For example, eliminating comments posted on the company’s page. Normally, this right must be exercised before the Social Network.
  • Cancellation and/or Opposition: As in the previous case, this can only be satisfied in relation to information that is under the control of ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA. For example, ceasing to be connected to the profile.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA will perform the following actions:

  • Access public profile information.
  • Publish any information already available on the ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA web page on their user profile.
  • Send personal and individual messages through the channels of the Social Network.
  • Update the status of their page, which will be published on their user profile.

The user can always control their connections, eliminate content that ceases to interest them, and restrict who they share their connections with. In order to do so, they must access their privacy configurations.


Once they have joined the ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA page, the user will be able to post comments, links, images, photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the Social Network on the page. In any case, the user must have ownership over this content, they must have the authorship rights and intellectual property rights to the same, or have the consent of the affected third parties. Any content posted on the page, whether text, graphics, videos, etc. that is in violation of morality, ethics, good taste or decorum is expressly prohibited, as is any that violates intellectual or industrial property rights, image rights or the Law. Under such circumstances, ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA reserves the right to immediately remove the content, and may request that the user be permanently blocked.

ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA is not responsible for any content freely published by a user.

The user must keep in mind that their posts will be viewed by other users. As a result, they are the principal person in charge of protecting their own privacy.

Images posted on the page will not be stored in any sort of file by ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA, but they will remain on the Social Network.


ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA may use the Social Network to advertise their products and services. In any case, if they decide to handle your contact information for direct commercial research actions, they will always do so in keeping with the RGPD and the LSSICE.

Recommending ECOINDUSTRIA MEDIOAMBIENTE SA’s page to other users so that they too can remain informed of its activity will not be considered publicity.

Below is a link to the Social Network’s privacy policy:

• LinkedIn: