Our services are entirely tailored to our customer needs. They may include projects of any complexity, duration and degree of involvement in any field or vector.

We can group them in:


  • Environmental cost optimization.
  • Diagnosis and operation of environmental infrastructure and other non-essentials.
  • Managing of taxes, green taxes, emission rights…
  • Risk assessment. Due diligence.
  • Legalization of activity and discharges.
  • Management, operation and legalization of the traditional vectors (water, air, waste) and the emerging ones (odor and noise)
  • Analysis of the state of soil and groundwater: remediation actions, legalization and monitoring.
  • Wastewater reuse.
  • Continuous support to the Environmental Department.
  • Outsourcing of the Environmental Department.
  • Implementation and operation of the Environmental Management System (EMS).


  • Management of environmental improvement projects and project management.
  • Homogenization of environmental parameters for different factories. The scorecard.
  • Monitoring of legal obligations in a multi-factory setting.


  • Facilitate the search of synergies to determine the best solution for each setting.
  • Establish reference frameworks and / or scorecards that help the CEO to compare the management of production units operating in different geographical areas and under completely different conditions.
  • Search for financial help and support tools for the implemented solutions.
  • Deal with the authorities.