Nowadays, industrial companies face not only constantly changing and increasingly complex environmental requirements, but also different costs, depending on their location.

Our work methodology is characterized by:

A joint effort with the customer.

We believe that working together with our customers’ organization is the most efficient and inexpensive way to achieve objectives.

  • We aim to establish a long-term relationship with the customer and this can only be done by working closely at all organizational levels.
  • We accept the degree of involvement desired by the client, even to the point of operating the environmental infrastructures (wastewater, stack decontamination…) at their facilities.
  • We do not perform actions such as sale of equipment or specific services that may involve a conflict of interest..

Knowledge of current and future obligations due to our continuous study and assessment of each facility.

We aim to establish a long-term joint working relationship with our customer by:

  • Keeping a close watch on both short and long-term actions.
  • Not neglecting any issue, regardless of its size, matter or urgency.
  • Working closely with our clients, also assuming their concerns and priorities.

A specific diagnosis of each individual establishment.

Work that is done on four different fronts, for each industrial establishment:

  • Relationship between the manufacturing processes and their emissions, discharges and waste.
  • Identification of legal requirements that affect it now and in the near future.
  • In-depth analysis of the economic and technical feasibility of different solutions and their subsequent ease of operation.
  • Integration of the above points in the overall strategic objectives of the client.

An assessment of the possible solutions, including investment and operating costs as well as technical feasibility.

In assessing proposed solutions we do not only analyze the cost, coherence and honesty of its technical and commercial claims, but also put special emphasis on the ease, reliability and cost efficiency of the subsequent operation.

Implementation of the adopted solution, agreeing on a closed, firm price and the degree of involvement that the client considers most convenient.

The possibilities of collaboration solutions are very open, and may be defined according to:

  • Degree of collaboration. From one-time assistance, periodically or not, to complete outsourcing.
  • Affected vectors. We can work in all possible vectors (water, waste, emissions, noise pollution…) or just in one.
  • Compensation systems. From a one-time payment to a compensation of bonuses based on success.
  • Factory or company. For the latter, we can perform in a specific factory or in all of them.

We believe that outsourcing a wide scope of services is financially advantageous for the client but this should be approached logically, in a gradual and progressive way.